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Standard Entry tickets, Support tickets and Low Income tickets will go on sale by the end of January.

xplore-BCN 2019 will take place in the south of Catalonia.
(Nearest airports are Reus y Bcn)

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Xplore • BCN

XPLORE is a three-day event on creative sexuality, BDSM, body work, dance, performance and ritual.
XPLORE offers more than 40 workshops, demonstrations, lectures and performances on different aspects and variations of sexuality.
XPLORE presents unusual individuals who play with, work with, and explore the phenomenon of sexuality. Individuals who have developed amazing techniques and rituals on their way. These forms are as varied as sexuality itself. Some are therapeutic in nature, some emerge from aesthetic intentions, others are spiritual quests or searches for borderline experiences. Most of them just aim for pure pleasure. Their common ground is playfulness, communication, creativity and expansion beyond the traditional relationship of the couple. They represent a different sexual culture.They are art with body and soul.

XPLORE will host presenters from all over the planet who will teach short workshops, giving insight into their special fields.
XPLORE wishes to provide hints, ideas and images and to promote an intelligent, open-minded and playful approach to sex. But most of all, Xplore wishes to bring together those who think and love unconventionally. To share and to learn.

XPLORE is an idea of the choreographer and conceptual artist Felix Ruckert and has taken place places annually in Berlin, Germany since 2004.

XPLORE Catalonia (Barcelona) is curated by Felix Ruckert and Nehra Stella and produced by Slow Love Productions.

Welcome to our playground!

Xplore • BCN

XPLORE es un evento de tres días sobre sexualidad creativa, el BDSM, el trabajo corporal, el rendimiento y el ritual.
ofrece más de 40 talleres, demostraciones, charlas y presentaciones sobre diferentes aspectos y variaciones de la sexualidad.
Presenta individuos poco usuales que juegan, trabajan y exploran el fenómeno de la sexualidad. Presenta individuos que han descubierto técnicas y rituales sorprendentes a lo largo de su camino. Estas propuestas cogen formas tan variadas como la propia sexualidad. Algunas son por su propia naturaleza terapéuticas, otras emergen de intenciones estéticas, otras de una búsqueda espiritual u otras de experiencias llevadas al límite. En la mayoría de las propuestas el objetivo es el puro placer. La base en común entre todas ellas es el juego, la comunicación, la creatividad y la expansión más allá de la tradicional relación de pareja. Ellas representan una cultura sexual diferente. Son arte con cuerpo y alma.

Acogerá personalidades de todo el mundo que impartirán talleres cortos, transmitiendo las ideas de su especialidad.
Desea ofrecer sugerencias, ideas e imágenes así como promover un enfoque inteligente, de mente abierta y juguetona con el sexo.
Pero sobretodo Xplore desea reunir a aquellos que piensan y aman de forma no convencional, para compartir y aprender.

Xplore es una idea del coreógrafo y artista conceptual Felix Ruckert, que desde el 2004 tiene lugar cada año en Berlín.
Xplore Catalunya (Barcelona) está programada por Felix Ruckert y Nehra Stella y producida por Slow Love Productions.

¡Bienvenidxs a nuestro patio de juegos!


Could I book just a specific workshop or reserve a place in a desired workshop in advance?

No! Xplore is a festival on various explorations. Therefore it is at your choice which workshop you want to attend. On the other hand all workshops are open to everyone as long the capacity of the location or the demand of the presenter allows it. We just recommend you to get as early as possible into the space of you desired workshop before it will be closed in order of overcrowding. We encourage everyone to be open to new experiences and attend as many workshops as possible for discovering the variety of the Art of Lust.

Do I have to be nude or to have sexual interactions?

No!  Unless otherwise specified, no workshops require nudity. For most workshops loose fitting, comfortable clothes are appropriate.

All workshops are learner-centred and for every-body. Even though some workshops may be quite physical, sexual contact as such is in no way required to participate and enjoy. As the event is designed for adults we must emphasise the importance of consideration and self responsibility. Therefore it is obvious that all interactions should be related to the basic principle of SAFE – SANE – CONSENSUAL and practised by Safer Sex. We will ban anyone immediately from the entire festival who offend against this rule, acts reckless or even gets molesting.

What do I get for my money?

With the purchase of a ticket you can participate in any workshop offered. Please note that three workshops are always being offered simultaneously, probably in the following time slots: 
(11am – 12:30pm / 1pm – 2:30pm / Pause / 4pm – 5:30pm / 6pm – 7:30pm / 8pm – 9:30pm). Therefore, you can take a maximum of five workshops per day.
 In the case that a particular workshop should become too full, we reserve the right to limit the number of participants. In that case, we would ask you to choose a simultaneous alternative or take a break. There is no guarantee of being able to participate in every workshop you wish. We do recommend showing up on time.

Do I have to participate in the workshops? Can I also just watch?

That strongly depends on the content of the particular workshop. In most of the workshops, the presence of passive observers doesn’t matter. In some of them, it would be disruptive. The teacher will decide accordingly.

What does BDSM mean?

The abbreviation BDSM stands for three terms that are independent of, yet related to each other: Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sado-Masochism. BDSM is a collective term which includes all consensual sexual activity between adults, aimed at mutual pleasure, which involves dominant-submissive role play, physical restriction or playing with thresholds of pain.

Is there a dress code?

No. In the tolerant and open-minded atmosphere we are hoping for, you are, however, also welcome to appear in fetish-wear. For the final party the dress code is elegant-sexy-kinky-fetish.

Is there an age limit? Can I bring my children?

All workshops are only for adults, 18 years old and up.

It all seems to be about “sex techniques”? Where is the love?

We are of the opinion that you should have sex – and most other things in life as well – only with love. A bit more technique doesn’t hurt, though.

Are there workshops in which only women or only men can participate?

Not really. Some workshops may be intended only for women, or only for men, but this will be clearly announced.

What does xplore have to do with dance?

Xplore presents techniques and rituals that are related to dance in that they use the body as the central medium. Conventional dance techniques often avoid sexuality, even while working with sexual energy. Successful dance is brilliant and radiant. It is convincing when a coherent interplay of emotion and form refers to something of a higher plane, often described by the adjectives “magical”, “inspired” or “universal”. You could also call it “sexy”. The techniques offered by xplore focus on the sexual body. They consist mostly of practical exercises which require unity of form and emotion. The movement events that result can, by all means, be experienced as dance and observed as choreography.

So is this a gay, lesbian or heterosexual event?

We have made an effort while putting the program together and choosing the teachers to avoid the usual separations and to create a selection that has something to offer for people of any sexual identity and orientation.

I don’t have a partner. Can I participate anyway?

Of course. In those workshops which require partner exercises or a gender balance the teacher will manage the composition and division of the group.

I have a partner. Can I participate anyway?

Bring them. Ask them. Or stay at home.



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