Al enviarnos tu mail nos autorizas a que te enviemos emails promocionales de nuestros eventos // By sending your email you authorize us to send you promotional emails of our events.


By accepting this Data Protection Policy you authorise us to send you promotional emails about our events.
According to the consent requirements of the GDPR (Regulation (UE) 2016/679) we inform you:
Responsible for the data: EstudioDESEO – – Rocafort 15, 08015, Barcelona, España.
Type of data we collect: your name and email address. Purpose of the data: To include you in our mailing list in order to send you promotional information about our events. Affiliation: Your consent will be recorded when you confirm your subscription by email. Your Rights: You have the right to access, amend and delete your data, as well as other rights, by accessing Subscription Preferences or Unsubscribe which are located at the foot of the welcome email you will receive and also the newsletters; or writing to with the title “Data Protection”. Data Retention Period: Until you request to be deleted.
Third parties: Data will be shared with 1) MailChimp: to manage the mailing list subscriptions as a platform for sending emails. 2) EstudioDESEO providor of the hosting service. These third parties (and any subcontractors) are subject to strict terms and conditions on processing data and are forbidden to use, share or retain your personal data for a different purpose than which they have been specifically contracted (or without your consent). Compliance with legal requests, regulations and law enforcement: We cooperate with the government and public servants and prívate entities in charge of enforcing the laws, and we strive to comply with the stipulations in the legislation. We will divulge your personal data to the government or public servants or private entities in charge of enforcing the laws if, at our discretion, we consider it is a needed or adequate response to demands and legal processes (for example, the requests for citations) therefore protecting our property and our rights or the property and rights of third providers, protecting the public security of anyone, or avoiding or stopping activities we consider illegal or unethical.
As long as the law allow us, we will take reasonable actions to inform you in case we should provide your personal data to third providers as part of a legal process.