Trinidad García

Performer /teacher, researcher/ choreographer and Contact Improvisation activist. Interested in the somatic, performance and improvisational contact, post-feminism and gender politics, worked since 2006 against gender violence; since 1994 in the cabaret field; Lover of writing and painting.

Elena Urko

Post-porn activist, part of the transfeminist scene and one of the founders of Post-Op, this collective was one of the first groups in Spain to start working on dissident pornographic practices, sexualities and non-normative practices and bodies visible.
Their work includes performances, workshops and installations, conferences, video creation and direct action, although in recent times they have had a special focus on workshops.


Art director, graphic designer, performer...Marie Savage Slit comes from south of France and has several irons in the fire. She’s working on Berlingot since 2017, an erotic artbook that explores gender and sexuality fluidity through Art. She’s also involved in the Erosphere team in Paris since 2016 and offers sex positive creative workshops.

Nique Lucía Seren

With a background in biodanza, visual arts and conscious kink, Nique Lucia offers group and 1-on-1 workshops for those who want to consciously explore the not-so-well-known sides of themselves.

Sonia Kala

Is a sexologist, tantric masseuse and facilitator of Tantra Queer, in Mallorca and Barcelona. Sonia is co-creator of the Institute of tantra and sexuality in Mallorca. From an early age she was a lover of art in all its ways and expressions, like classic ballet, circus, photography, sculpture and performance.

Flo zif

Is well-known in the Paris queer scene. She organizes cultural events and
works with artists as a performer. She is in charge of workshops that focus on gender and alternative body issues, of the PlayNight (a kink party) and also cofounded the What the fuck?Fest! a festival dedicated to art and sexualities.


In my work I focus on the creation of ephemeral enchanted spaces where participants can experience abstract values and concepts in an embodied, immediate way. I've explored themes such as relating patterns, the embodiment of emotions, our relationships with our bodies, the practice of consent and creation of consent cultures, facets of sex and intimacy.
Photoo: Roger Rossell

felix ruckert

Is a dancer, choreographer, conceptual artist and curator. He creates events, performs, gives lectures and teaches workshops, often fusing his knowledge from dance with an unique approach to practices of BDSM and conscious sexuality. He also enjoys making music.
Since 2004 Felix directs the annual festival Xplore.
Photo: Florian Chavanon

more presenters soon...

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