We are still working on the schedule…

Workshops run from 11am to 21.30 each day

except Sunday when the final workshop ends at around 19.30.

This is followed by the Play Party which ends at 5am Monday morning.


Art is seduction, not rape, says Susan Sonntag.

Here at xplore we also advocate seduction as art. The necessary skills are directness and sincerity, combined with a touch of elegance and humor. An open heart and a smile.

The ability to say YES needs the mastering of the NO. No room for politeness here. It is not about finding the right partner, it is about finding the right game. If you expand your flexibility you expand your options. If you train your creativity you find new pleasures.

For this xplore edition in Catalonia we have tried to compose a program that will help you to leave your comfort zone and to adventure yourself into the unknown.

We encourage you to let go of fears and prejudices and discover the endless variety of activities that the human mind is eager to create – in order to find sexual fulfillment, joy and liberation.

Welcome to our playground!

Felix Ruckert, Nehra Stella
February 2018


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