Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions

1. The data identity of those responsible for the online sales website is:

Slow Love Productions
Rufford Park
NG22 9DE

The online acquisition of any activity or product implies acceptance of these general conditions of purchase, as well as the express, full and unreserved acceptance of all the general conditions of purchase published by Slow Love at the time you access and perform operations on this website.
Should you agree with the content of the general conditions of purchase, you must click on the box “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the website.” Otherwise, you cannot continue with the registration process.
Orders can be formalized in Spanish and English.

2. Through your registration, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the following conditions and that you are aware that you are making a legal registration. Once you have selected your options on the Registration Page for the Entrance Ticket / Catering / Accommodation / Transport registration pages (of which the only essential to attend the event is “Entrance Ticket”) you must add them to the cart.
You can “See the Cart” and edit it if necessary. Once you have confirmed that everything is ok, click on “Checkout” and you will be directed to the payment page where we will ask you to enter your personal data to create an account. You will also have the option to authorize us to subscribe you to our newsletter to receive information about future events of Slow Love Productions. With your registration, you give us consent to be added to an email list with administrative communications purposes for the festival. Once the event has finished you will be erased from this list. If you wish to subscribe to the newsletter you can do it on the “Checkout” page or in the “Contact” section at any time.

3. Once your order is made you will receive an email with the details of your registration and the details of our bank account so you can make the bank transfer. You must send the receipt of the transfer to xploregist@gmail.com with the subject “Transfer receipt + Order No.” within 2 hours, otherwise the registration and your place will be canceled and you will have to go through the registration process again.

4. Cancellation of a confirmed participation is possible before the end of May (30th). A 30 EUR cancellation fee per ticket will be deducted. After 1st of May a cancellation is only possible if you present another participant to take over your ticket. In that phase no money will be refunded under any circumstances!

5. Participants will receive a wristband for the entire event. Wristbands are your proof of payment and are to be worn during the workshop period. Lost wristbands will not be reimbursed. Festival staff is instructed to grant entry to the workshops only to those with wristbands.

6. Even it is up to serve everyone’s participation in all workshops, a ticket does not guarantee a space in each desired workshop. In case the maximum number of participants for a workshop is reached, it will be the teacher’s decision to allow additional participants in, or not. You are of course free to participate in any of the other workshops. Please note also, that it is not possible to book just a specific workshop or reserve a place in a desired workshop in advance.

7. Because of the unique and special atmosphere of Xplore, private filming and taking pictures is generally not allowed, except in designated workshops. In order to ensure the personal rights of all participants, we will ban anyone from the entire festival who infringes upon this rule. The producers, however, reserve the right to hire a photographer for strictly internal documentation purposes. This documentation takes place only in designated workshops, and by asking the participants’ consent beforehand. Concerned participants are entitled to exercise the option of clearing all pictures on which they appear.

8. As the event is designed for adults we must emphasise the importance of consideration and self responsibility. Therefore it is obvious that all interactions should be related to the basic principle of SAFE – SANE – CONSENSUAL and practised by Safer Sex. We will ban anyone immediately from the entire festival who offend against this rule, acts reckless or molests others.

9. Our intention is to provide a safe environment for learning among all the participants. As an intensive program that works with the body, intellect, emotions and spirit, we recognize that some people may find aspects of the program difficult, trying or potentially risky. To guarantee a relaxed and safe atmosphere at the entire event, each participant commits to take responsibility for his or her personal health and safety, and to respect the other participants, so that everyone in the festival can share a full, rewarding experience.

10. Participation in the festival and attendance at the festival location as well as in all other provided areas is at your own risk. The organizers and teachers are not liable for any physical, emotional or material damages or injuries caused to yourself or others. We do not take responsibility for any loss of property while attending.

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