Life through Touch and Pleasure

Project Description

Life through Touch and Pleasure
(Self awareness, self touch, pleasure)

Our sense of touch is present before the sense of sight develops and our skin plays a crucial role in the relationship we have with ourselves, with the environment and with the way we relate to others. It’s at the same time our limit and a place of communication. 
In this blind journey we will focus on touch, smell and taste, starting on our own, touching with curiosity our body and then exploring slowly the surroundings to end up meeting the others.

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Nico & Milena

Nico Castellanos

Nico Castellanos is a Somatic sex educator based in Barcelona, where he offers workshops and creates sexpositive events. He started his journey when he realized the transformative power behind sexuality, taking part in lots of different workshops and creating explorative spaces. He has been invited to show his work in international festivals such as Erosphere in Paris, xplore Barcelona, Konk in Berlin… He has been also active in body exploration platforms, such as Touch & Play and The Family. He has just finished a post graduation in “El Teatro de los Sentidos”. He is a Shiatsu practitioner and is finishing a Masters degree in Sexology.
In his workshops he likes to play with consent, presence, desire, sexuality, limits… always from playfulness and curiosity.


Milena is passionate about music and books. When she discovered xplore a new world and a new way of understanding BDSM opened up. Interested in feminism, body work, art, dance and music, she is the one who selects the music in the events and workshops. Together with Nico, they organize a monthly dance night (FLOW fusion dance) in Barcelona, where she is the resident Djane.

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