NoShibari & Orgasm

Project Description

NoShibari & Orgasm

Shibari offers a whole new vocabulary for the body, a myriad of elements through which we can communicate and enjoy contact and intimacy. The variety of emotions that we can transmit will depend on the intentions and wishes that we want to capture in the scene and on our own skills to handle the ropes. In this workshop we will learn some easy techniques that will enable us to start walking the path towards orgasm, by using the tying as means to excite and give pleasure.

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Noshibari / I-Shi


Bondage scholar and trainer, he has attended classes with the best masters in this discipline and he applies his experience in the artistic performances, the photographic works and the therapeutic use with his only tool: the ropes. He has exhibited his work in performances and workshops for years all over Europe.
Throughout these years that he has been tying, he has gathered hundreds of experiences and has reflected about the meaning that shibari – a concept inherited from Japanese culture – can have in our western space and time.
During his public appearances he tries to convey rapport and intensity, to always build exciting moments, filled with strength and sensuality.


I was born in Barcelona in 1983 and between 2014 and 2016 I made a brief incursion into artistic modelling. It was through the photographic project “Shibari Experience” that I met Alberto No Shibari, who brought me the opportunity to fully explore the world of ropes and to start collaborating in courses, talks, photo sessions and performances.
By the end of 2017 I joined NoShibari Lab as a model and rigger, beginning an artistic and learning project in constant evolution in which I walk my own way, deconstructing what I’ve learnt to create new forms of teaching, communicating and tying.