Sexy Alien Role Play

Project Description

Sexy Alien Role Play

Inspired by xenoerotic scenes from science fiction, this workshop explores forms of sexuality which transcend traditional understandings of gender and the human body.
After some satellite communication with outer space we will agree to participate in a consensual close encounter of the horny type.

Some warm-up exercises will prepare us for welcoming a naughty civilization which has learnt innumerable erotic techniques in its one thousand light years trip around the cosmos.

These lascivious aliens have telepathic powers and guess our sleaziest desires just by rubbing their slimey chemoreceptors against our skin. They have been observing our physiological mechanisms from a distant star and are eager to trigger wild waves of pleasure in our organisms. Be prepared for biofilament bondage, gooey tentacles, outlandish BDSM, sixth sense deprivation, intergalactic fetish and extraterrestrial dirty talk.

However, these aliens have their own kinks: mucous surfaces, poetry and humour. If the unexpected often produces surprise and laughter, these sexy aliens will teach us how to integrate these reactions as a tool for boosting the erotic tension within our sensual community.

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Quim Pujol

Quim Pujol

Quim Pujol is a poet with a background in performing arts. He collects technical aspects from many bodily practices and then recombines them in assemblages which challenge established notions and disciplinary boundaries. He is a polymorphous pervert and engages into erotic energy exchanges with all beings and objects he comes across. He is into yoga, meditation, tantra sex, singing, BDSM, karate and science fiction.

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