Vitamin C

Project Description

Vitamin C – Fruits as Sex Toys

Have fun playing with fruits, tasting and exploring our bodies. Transforming the way to use tasty vitamins in a sex-positive game.

This workshop broadens the horizon on opportunities of giving and receiving pleasure while employing the concepts of empathy, consent and sensory stimulation.
On a fun journey into a fruity playground, participants will be provided with a frame for exploring different ways to experience pleasure by using not only the physical shape of fruits but also their juices, smells and textures. With the help of the fruits of Mother Nature we will explore skin sensation, sense of touch, taste and olfactory stimulation, climaxing in group pleasure full of tasty and fragrant juices.

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Anarel·la Martínez-Madrid is a cultural manager, event & film producer, performance artist and the initiator of Sex School. Naturally good at connecting people and facilitating artistic expression, Anarel·la never stops! Whether she’s organizing events for her project Fecunda Lab, performing at various artistic spaces throughout Berlin and Europe or managing everything related to Sex School, her talent for creating spaces for dialogue, reflection and experimentation is indisputable.

Anarel·la works with spontaneity, impulse, revelry and joy as expressed through her body and the succulent tools such as strawberries, lemons, oranges, champagne and glitter that she employs. She likes to connect people, putting them in politically incorrect or uncomfortable situations. Anarel·la likes to break physical limits.
Like many other artists, Anarel·la Martínez-Madrid dissociates the female body from the sham of an alien speech. She uses her body in the awareness of her own character placing herself in an inner femininity. Her performances are not generic. Many of them could not be made by a man, and in turn could not be made by another woman: they are told from the inside, from a discourse of the self.[Note: this discourse of the self is formulated as a deconstruction of a possible speech on hardness, or the hermetic or the impervious.]

Sex School is a web series where sex workers, therapists and coaches share knowledge and experiences from consent, kissing, communication and non-normative sex practices.
Sex School will cover the social, cultural, political and technical aspects about sex in a fresh approachable way.

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